🚀 Tool for migration from prenode to Crossbell

  • Step 1: Connect to Crossbell

    First, let's connect to Crossbell!

    Click the button below. You will be asked to connect to your wallet, and switch to the Crossbell chain.

  • Step 2: Claim $CSB from the Faucet

    On the Crossbell network, you need some $CSB to play with. Click the button below to see how much $CSB you have.

  • Step 3: Check your prenode profile and links

  • Step 4: Set your ideal handle

    Here we will setup one with the only required property being the handle.

    You may consider a handle as a unique identifier of your character.

    Let's give it a good one! (You can change it later on.)

  • Step 5: Start migration

    Now you can click on mint to create your character and migrate the prenode data to it!

    After clicking on mint, please confirm in the wallet pop-up window.